Smolyan region

Smolyan region is situated in South Bulgaria, Eastern part of Rodopi Mountains, on the border with Greece. The nearest airport is about 200 km far – in the town of Plovdiv. Inhabitants: 111 000 people. Area: 3 193 sq.m.

It is ecologically clean and pure region. The nature, relief and climate are predominantly mountainous, suitable for winter and summer tourism and this particular characteristic of the region has an impact on the entire regional development. Pamporovo, the ski resort is famous internationally and offers excellent conditions for winter tourism.
Tourism in 4 seasons is one of the priority sectors that we are developing , diversified in winter, ecotourism, rural and SPA tourism.
The region is famous also for its unique folklore music and long-living people.

Regional economy

Mainly small and medium enterprises /SME/ in various sectors, as follows: - bottled water manufacturing /spring, mineral, naturally carbonated/; - extraction industries: timber industry, wood working - food industry: dairy products (milk, yogurt,cheese, yellow cheese) machinery: production of cables and conductors, copper wires, cables for installation, and telecommunication systems

trade and industry

cutting tools for wood, paper, for textile and light industries, plastic components, electromechanical equipment, automotive components; - construction companies; - transport companies; - manufacturing of clothes and sports equipment; - producers of natural cosmetics, containing the famous Bulgarian rose petal extract and rose oil – creams, shampoos, toothpastes, etc.

Municipality of Smolyan 

The Municipality of Smolyan is situated in a mountainous region in South Bulgaria on 1000m above sea level, in the heart of the Rhodope Mountains, near on the Greek-Bulgarian border. Smolyan is 250km away from the capital Sofia and 100km from the second largest city in the country – Plovdiv. The cross-border checkpoint with Greece (Zlatograd-Thermes) is situated only 55km from Smolyan. The opening of another point in the near future – Elidge border checkpoint, only 30km away from Smolyan, is on the way, which will be the fastest link with Xanthi and the Northern Aegean coast.

The town is built along the valley of Cherna (“Black”) and Byala (“White”) rivers in the central Rhodope Mountains which makes him the longest city in Bulgaria. It is also located at foot of the mountain’s highest peak Golyam Perelik – 2191m. Smolyan is just 10-15 minutes drive from the popular ski resorts Pamporovo and Chepelare. As of June 2022 it has a population of 30 689 inhabitants.


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