"Boosting Business Support to SMEs through setting up Mobile Fair and innovative Services in the cross-border territory"


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The general purpose of the program is to upgrade the interested areas through financial support and the creation of cooperative actions between the two neighboring countries of Greece and Bulgaria. The invigoration of the weakened economies of the specific areas will contribute to the general improvement of the living standard of the inhabitants.

The aims of the FAIR FOR ALL project are fully in line with the aims and objectives of the program invitation. These areas face a serious problem because local businesses do not have the opportunity to participate in actions and exhibitions that are mostly held in large financial centers. Exhibition participation is a very important promotional tool for local businesses in the effort to increase turnover, consolidate in new markets and strengthen its brand name.

The aim of the FAIR FOR ALL project is to procure the appropriate equipment so that it can organize mobile exhibitions in the project areas,giving the opportunity to local entrepreneurs to develop and promote their products.The project aims at a multifaceted and universal reinforcement of local entrepreneurship. In fact, the exhibitions can be held with exhibitors from both countries so that there is the possibility for development of collaborations and promotion in new markets.

Also, the parallel actions of the project will offer local entrepreneurs useful business tools as well as various channels for promotional activities (exhibitions, platform, website, project advertising, social). FAIR FOR ALL will offer many benefits at different levels, beyond the financial sector, which is the primary demand. Finally, it can have significant results for several years since with the purchase of equipment it will be possible to continue after the end of the first years that there will be financial support for the program.

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