Welcome to our E-Learning Platform

One of the main deliverables of the project is this tool, so anyone that will participate to the project will have the possibility to enhance the skills of his knowledge using the learning material that will be uploaded in this platform, for the seminars and the workshops that will be implemented. 

E-Learning platform Guides

Here you can find the way to make it easy for you to learn how our platform works

Teacher's Guide

The basic Instructions

student's guide

six steps to learn

Mobile app

Once you get you username and password you can use your mobile phone to follow the lessons from our E-learning system.

Now you can download Moodle app and then you can fill in our e-learning address :


Google play store

Download the Moodle app from Google play store for Android devices

apple app store

Download the Moodle app
for iOS mobiles like iphones and ipads .

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